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Check our Terms & Conditions below.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of on this page before taking our services. Accessing our service means you've read and understood our terms.

Scope of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your relationship with MILHASC and the awarding body (NEBOSH) which may come into force through any registration or enrolment you commit to through MILHASC. For the avoidance of doubt, NEBOSH is not responsible for the provision of teaching, tutorial or other such services at any venue or centre.

Payment terms

MILHASC implements a 14 days payment terms policy from the date of invoice. We expect payment to be made before the course begins. Training materials will not be issued until payment is received. MILHASC reserves the right to refuse admittance to the course until payment is received.

Refund and deferment

In the event of a course cancellation, bookings will normally be deferred to the next available course at the same venue unless the learner specifically requests otherwise. If a booking is cancelled or deferred by the learner, MILHASC reserves the right to apply the below charges. These charges also apply to in-house training courses and consultancy services cancelled or deferred by the client.

Notice given % of fee chargeable
More than 28 days 0%
15 – 28 days 50%
1 – 14 days 75%
Cancellation on day / Non-attendance without notice 100%

Course fees

The cost of the NEBOSH IGC is £670 or its equivalence in Ghana Cedis (4,500.00). In case of fluctuations in the Ghanaian currency in the exchange rate market, the GBP equivalence will always be charged. The fee covers Tuition, Course materials, NEBOSH exam booking, exam venue fee at the British Council, Breakfast, coffee breaks and lunches for the entire training. Fees quoted are correct at time of publication, but MILHASC reserves the right to alter fees at any time depending on the economic situations in Ghana.

Classroom Courses

MILHASC offers the NEBOSH IGC Course for 10 days. MILHASC reserves the right to deliver the course by using one or multiple approved NEBOSH trainers. Whilst the same trainer will always be used where possible, this is not always practical. MILHASCC cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances (including acts of God) that affect the running/delivery of a course. We will endeavour to work with our clients to resolve any such matter to the best of our ability.

Distance and Virtual Learning

Approved NEBOSH materials are provided by a third party supplier, so any revisions to the syllabus will require updated textbooks to be purchased. We can provide these at a cost price. There is no time limit as to the duration of distance learning. Learners study on their own with the support of their assigned tutors. Learners study at their own pace and write the exam when they feel prepared. The virtual class is offered for 35days. All fees are payable in advance. Course materials will not be sent until payment is received. Fees quoted are correct at time of publication. MILHASC reserves the right to alter fees at any time. Support from the study support team is unlimited, however, the onus is on the learners to contact tutors when in need of assistance. This can be done via telephone, email (, social media, Skype, etc.

Eligibility for study

The NEBOSH IGC course is delivered and examined in English. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that your proficiency in both written and oral English is of a sufficient standard to enable you to meet the demands of both your studies and examination(s)


The NEBOSH IGC exams must be booked and paid in full 6 weeks before the date of the exam. We do accept later bookings, although it is important to note that there may be additional fees. If you submit a late exam booking and have missed the NEBOSH exam cut-off date, payment of late exam registration fees will be chargeable to register your exams.


The fee for resits is determined by the accreditation body. Learners who are not successful with their examinations will pay the resit fee to resit their unsuccessful paper(s)

Practical Assessments

Distance and Virtual Learning learners will submit their practical assessment (if applicable) to MILHASC either in our office or using a service with a trackback facility to trace these parcel.

Delivery of Study Materials and Certificates

Study Materials and Certificates will be sent to learners by standard mail only. Learners who require courier services for their deliveries would have to pay the cost of this service.

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