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The implementation of a more formal, structured approach to health and safety may be an organisation’s first step into management systems. Legal, good practice and customer expectations are making health and safety an important aspect of an organisation’s operations, which should benefit from a systems approach to its management.

MILHASC specialises in the implementation of health, safety and environmental management systems. We can provide support to your organisation to implement internationally recognised management systems such as:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

For those organisations with one or more systems in place, we can integrate your management systems to enable a cohesive approach to management controls and audits. MILHASC consultants work closely with you to design, develop, document and implement a customised management system that meets your needs. Whether your organisation is new to formal management systems or you require existing systems to be integrated MILHASC consultants can provide expert advice.

Typically our support consists of a combination of the following elements:
Gap Analysis – identifying the current status of the management system
Top Team Workshops – gaining commitment and ownership of the management system
Awareness Training – providing education and gaining commitment from staff
Management System Design – providing management systems structure and compatibility with business objectives
Implementation Workshops – planning and progressing all aspects of implementation of the management system
Internal Auditor Training – providing knowledge and skills to ensure the management systems conforms to the requirements of the standard and to ensure the audit process improves business performance
Pre-Certification Assessment Audit – ensuring your organisation is ready to gain certification of your management system

There are many variables that would affect the cost of implementing your management system. Some organisations prefer to employ MILHASC in a purely consultative role, where managers internal to the organisation have sufficient knowledge of the standard to act upon the advice given. Some organisations want us to take on a more involved role where our consultants act as a member of their internal team helping to build the management system.

Our consultants can give practical support in developing and implementing effective management systems and before we ever make any recommendations we review your current position and gain a good understanding of how your organisation functions, to enable us to determine exactly the systems you require. Following this critical initial review stage, our consultants will design or help you design a bespoke package, which may simply be an upgrade to your existing management system or it could be a comprehensive new system.

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